About the Power Over Pain Portal

We improve access to pain care in Canada

One in five Canadians live with chronic pain. Access to chronic pain care continues to be a challenge in Canada. Long wait times for chronic pain care impacts all aspects of our lives. Improving access to chronic pain care is one of the top priorities identified by people living with pain.

Power Over Pain is part of the solution

Power Over Pain is a direct response to Health Canada's Action Plan for Pain in Canada. Our goal is to provide access to free resources in a one-stop shop. Resources include articles, videos, podcasts, courses, workshops, and peer support. We also link you to national and provincial services for health advice/counseling from healthcare professionals.

Who is behind the Power Over Pain Portal

The Power Over Pain Portal is the result of a coast-to-coast Canadian collaboration of people living with pain, clinicians, researchers, and representatives of community organizations. We are all working toward the common goal of improving access to chronic pain care in Canada.

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Sick Kids Memorial University Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute Women's College Hospital

Funded by Health Canada, the Power Over Pain Portal offers free, science-backed online resources for the management of pain, as well as mental health and substance use health.

Our message to you

If you are part of the 1 in 5 Canadians who lives with pain, this portal is co-designed for you with people who live with pain! Use the Power Over Pain Portal as you wish! Bring a podcast on the road, connect with peers or get into one of our courses. Power Over Pain Portal guides you towards evidence informed resources to help you manage your pain.

You belong here, your pain is real, and you are not alone. Power Over Pain is possible.

Supporting others along their pain management journey can be challenging. If you are a caregiver to someone who lives with pain, this portal is here to support you! If you are a healthcare professional providing care to people in pain, this portal is here to support you!

Our Partners

The Power Over Pain Portal is a team effort. Our partners have come from far and wide to create the Power Over Pain Portal.

AQDC BridgetheGapp Canada Health Infoway Canadian Pain Care Forum CCSUA Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence CPN SPOR CPS eCentreClinic eConsult KHSC move50+ OWN Pain BC Pain Canada PIPN Project ECHO QPRN Queen's University Skip Solutions Stepped Care Solutions TAPMI Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières University of Manitoba  Canadian Injured Workers Alliance